Кратко | Briefly

Вярно нали? Тези дни май не ми се говори много. Достатъчно ми е да слушам, да виждам... да бъда.

It is so true, isn't it? These days it seems I am not so keen on talking. It is enough for me just to listen, to see... to be.

Image: blanche et orange


  1. First time that I visit your blog, finally! I have to explore it more, no time at the moment. I just decided right now, that I need to see it. So maybe we see each other at the Prater walking with the dogs. Or next time for brunch ;) See ya Chana Day

    1. Happy to welcome you Chana Day! I hope you enjoy yourself while you explore the other me. :-)

  2. By the way, it is true. Life is amazing! We just forget it sometimes, while we are running through our lifes triying to catch up with everything. It is amazing when you stop for a moment and find out, that it is the small things and the things which seem so normal, which make life beautiful!